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DNA Genetics; perhaps one of the most well known and regarded cannabis brands in the world was established over thirteen years ago in Amsterdam. At the time it was the only market that provided a place for legal and commercial cannabis activity. During this period DNA Genetics were able to develop their brand as well as influence the global market, developing high quality seeds directly from California to the then only legal market in the entire world. After having spent more than a decade building the brand in the European marketplace DNA has simultaneously been developing strategic partnerships throughout the world, directly entering into each legal market as the laws in each territory changed to provide for legal cannabis enterprises. DNA Genetics intentions have not changed from the moment the company was created and will continue to provide and supply the highest quality cannabis seeds for the medicinal and recreational markets.

DNA Genetics Shop

DNA's development in Southern California soon became synonymous with their brand, something that would permanently set their name apart from the mainstream market and industry. Their deep insight and vision of a global cannabis culture became a competitive advantage, something that is difficult to match or replicate. Over the years, DNA has strived to push boundaries and develop new genetics that not only set trends but allowed them to become unique over everyone else in the marketplace.

Our retail shop in Amsterdam, which is situated on Sint Nicolaasstraat just off Dam square, still has remnants of those humble first years. We have an Evan York mural on the wall behind our counter and a shout out to our 2005 (and first) High Times Cannabis Cup gold medal "Martian Mean Green" on the ceiling in the back office. There you will be able to view our extensive collection of cannabis cup awards, merchandise and award winning genetics. We welcome everyone to come visit us when in Amsterdam whereby you can chat to our friendly staff and get recommendations on what best suits your needs.

For directiions on how to locate the DNA Genetics store, please head over to our Contact page.

Winning at prestigious Cannabis cup events such as; The High Times Cannabis Cup, Spannabis and as well as emerging events such as Chalice, The Emerald Cup and ExpoWeed over in Chile. Many of our awards are voted for by the general public which helps solidifiy our intuition in our seed selections and is proof that each pack of DNA seeds come with the very best in quality, consistency and success from across the board.

DNA was recently awarded the High Times Trailer Blazers Award presented at the world’s first Cannabis Business Summit in the state capital of Washington DC. This award was presented to companies and individuals that had made significant contributions in uniting the fields of entrepreneurship, politics and medicine to improve the world through the cannabis industry.

At the end of 2016 we were awarded “Best Seed Company” by online votes at the Happy Place festival. 

Our extensive list of awards can be viewed over on our awards section.

Working with the medical and scientific community has been a priority, helping to provide alternative solutions to the current pharmaceutical approach. Collaborations with the Unconventional Foundation for Autism and Israeli Research are some of the examples. DNA Genetics is also very proud of their new partnership with Canadian Licensed Medical Producers, Tweed in Ontario, Canada. When working within the medical community DNA Genetics is committed not only to effective medicine, but of combining all beneficial parts of the plant for a better experience and more effective results for the patients.

Many of the top seed companies in the industry will often use DNA Genetics within their breeding programs because the selections over the years have been proven to be what the public wants. This prevalence and exposure for the DNA brand is further highlighted by our online platforms and social media where our increasing fanbase continues to grow in an organic and natural progression.

DNA has also been featured in recent publications such as San Francisco Gate, New York Times, Playboy and The Los Angeles Times.

DNA Genetics with state of the art facilities

Operating state of the art cultivation facilities in various legal markets. We also consult for the worlds largest cultivation facility for Canopy/Tweed under Health Canada. This is currently the largest publicly traded cannabis company, with an approximate valuation of over 1.3 billion dollars.

DNA has firmly established a level of professionalism consistent with the expectations of regulatory and licensing authorities to ensure the highest level of standards for an industry that greatly needs a more responsible and professional approach to the various opportunities presented in the ever growing industry. 

Marijuana is our passion it’s what we do

Apart from licensing and genetic leasing, DNA has been engaged by several prominent companies and government organizations to provide consultancy and other professional services to license and/or permit holders in various markets that provide for legal commercial cannabis activity. By utilizing the consultancy services of DNA in each specific territory, clients have been able to not only establish a model that produces true certified DNA products, but also raises the quality of any other products developed by the client to the highest of industry standards.

All of this has been made possible due to DNA’s long standing reputation of positivity and goodwill within the community.  DNA has always been dedicated to not only doing the right thing, but doing everything in a professional, responsible, and technical manner that can only be achieved through the expertise DNA brings to the table, developed through decades of experience.