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At DNA Genetics, we're thrilled to announce the arrival of some long-awaited classics and brand-new additions to our lineup of premium cannabis seeds for 2024. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or a budding enthusiast, our latest offerings are sur

Congratulations to Germany from DNA Genetics! Germany, a nation known for its precision engineering and cultural heritage, has recently taken a progressive step towards embracing the cannabis industry. With the legalization of cannabis for recreatio

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OG DNA Genetics (“DNA” or the “Company”), a globally recognized leading cannabis brand, today announced a licensing agreement (the “Agreement”) wit

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OG DNA Genetics (“DNA” or the “Company”), a globally recognized leading cannabis brand, today announced the official launch of SKYMINT X DNA GENETICS™ pr

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Find out what CBD does to heal the body and its medical properties

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DNA Genetics - Don

Don, C.E.O of DNA Genetics

At DNA we pride ourselves on high-quality, award winning, Cannabis Seeds and customer service that is second to none, both online and offline. Our friendly team is always ready to answer any questions you may have and our extensive DNA Genetics Information section has everything you need to know about Cannabis Seeds. 

DNA Genetics - Aaron

Aaron, C.E.O of DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics started out growing in the late 80's in our home town of Hollywood, or as we say, Hollyweed! California... We would collect seeds from friends, family and, of course, those rare bag seeds from the best medicine we could get at the time. Countless years of selecting and breeding has resulted in our extensive knowledge of the plant.

DNA Genetics - Don and Aaron

DNA’s entry into the European market allowed for the specialized breeding of cannabis for various and specific terpene profiles through proprietary selection processes refined by DNA over the course of a decade. In that time DNA has been able to build an extensive library of valuable genetics that have served as the foundation to many of its award winning varieties as well as those with particular cannabinoid profiles that would have a more specific medical application.

DNA is actively engaged in researching and developing high THC varieties and high CBD varieties, as well as other unique and valuable cannabinoid and terpene profiles that have been recognized in scientific communities as having high medical value in an effort to isolate and standardize their efficacy.  DNA Genetics ‘Tora Bora’ is regarded as one of the most effective high CBD strains available on the market and can be used as a standardized base for a myriad of pharma/nutraceutical grade products.

DNA’s is proud in its participation of the first scientific research program for a specific strain of cannabis indica (LA Confidential) whereby DNA assisted in the genetic sequencing of the strain. As a result of this experience and expertise in the field of cannabis genetics, DNA has been engaged in extensive discussions and consulting on the subject of genetic variance, breeding, phenol selection and other related topics.

Most recently, DNA has contracted with a company in Arizona, Scientific Botanical Leasing, which has set up a cutting-edge research facility in conjunction with DR. Sue Sisley to conduct the first ever FDA/DEA sanctioned clinical trial in partnership with NIDA to prove the efficacy of whole-plant-based-cannabis when used to treat veterans with severe PTSD.

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Reseach and Development

Worldwide collaboration

In a continuing effort to push progressive and responsible cannabis laws allowing our partners to participate at the ground level, DNA has been working closely with emerging international markets, including Canada, Jamaica, South America and Spain. Liasing with their respective local governments in developing and implementing standard operating procedures with the accompanying infrastructure to further optimize existing models, as well as providing the framework for statewide and national regulations.