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Sep 13, 2017

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DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics

The feminizing method that DNA uses is called Silver Theo Sulphide, or STS. It is sprayed on the donor female at the beginning of its flower cycle, two weeks prior to flowering the rest of the plants. The donor plant puts off male flowers and pollinates the rest of the room creating seeds that are all female. Feminized seeds have been around for over 25 years. STS has been used in the vegetable industry for decades. The flowering time, indica/sativa ratio, yield, taste, smell, strength of mothers and clones, and look of the plants grown from feminized seeds are the same as plants grown from regular seeds. The feminized seeds are all female, no hermaphrodites or males. They are all stable and have been thoroughly tested.

The original OG Kush is one of D & A’s favorite strains. Stars smoke it, rappers rap about it, it’s just that good. The boys grew up smoking it when living in LA and want to be able to provide everyone the opportunity to medicate themselves with this powerful and tasty variety.There is no original male so the OG Kush could not be made into regular seed form unless an additional gene pool was to be introduced. The boys have thus decided to cross their award winning LA Confidential to the OG Kush creating another strong strain, which they call Cataract Kush. It has an incredibly medicinal high, with great flavors, and purple hues. During a test grow of the feminized OG, a selection was made and one special phenotype was found, The #18. It is a better yielding OG with a taste and smell that is more fuely and soury. This pheno was isolated, and then feminized, and is now available in seed form. Sour Diesel hails from the same roots as the OG Kush, but leans more on the sativa side flowering in 10 weeks. It is a much more clear, heady high with a great taste. It has a good yield and will be available in seed form in the later part of 2009. Headband, a cross between the OG Kush and Sour Diesel, is good yielding strain with distinct flavors and a strong high. Compared to the OG, the Headband has bigger buds, stronger branches, and is a much wider plant. Kandy Kush is another phenomenal OG cross, OG Kush x Train Wreck (T4).This strain has many medicinal benefits with a great candy taste and she has extremely frosty buds.

The 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup winning strain, Martian Mean Green, is unique in its taste, smell, and effect. LA Confidential has won many awards at all different competitions and is loved by all who try it. What a better combination for a new strain…MMG x LA…creating LA Woman. This cross generates a taste that is sweet and robust and buds that pack on the weight. D & A choose to also combine Master Kush to the Martian Mean Green and they called it Master Martian. She leans more on the hazier side with big buds, and she has the strength of a nice indica. The resin content is that of the Master Kush making her exceptional for hash. Sleestack is a sativa/indica hybrid that flowers in 9 weeks with heavily resinous buds.The mother of the Sleestack is the Schrom, which is known for its fuely smell and taste, and the father is Martian Mean Green.

The R.K.S. has the great old school flavor with a high that is up and very strong. She will finish the first week of October outside, and if this strain is grown inside, good carbon filtration is a must because she will stink like the Real Killer Skunk. The Silver Bubble is mold resistant and can handle the cold. She is a moderate to heavy eater and will stretch a bit if not controlled. Classic Haze flavor from the smell, to the smoke, to the after taste, classifies her as being a “complete” smoke.

The X18 Pure Pakistani is a legendary landrace strain, in its own right, that was handed down to D & A to keep the genetics alive and available to the public. The old Paki blue is pungent and very medicinal. The buds are dense and rock hard, crusted in resin and very easy to manicure. The X18 is obtainable in both regular and feminized packs. It was crossed into the LA Confidential to produce another female strain called Tora Bora. Tora Bora is a quick vegging and early finishing strain having dark green buds with buelish, rock hard nugs incrusted in crystals.

DNA will forever have their listing of regular seeds and will never get rid of their true breeding males. Males take time to find. They feel it is much easier making feminized seeds due to the fact that any female plant or clone can now be turned into seed form. No selection necessary. This is why they market their feminized seeds cheaper than their regular seeds. Breeding with males costs more because of the selection process, more time and effort goes into creating a new strain and, thus, feminized seeds are cheaper. They feel in no way their female strains are inferior to their regular strains; they are just easier to make.

Taken from Treating Yourself article in 2009

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