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Aug 15, 2017

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DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics

Hi Aaron, when you start growing Cannabis?

Aaron: laughs…I accidently starting growing weed at the age of thirteen. I had some seeds left over from some Import weed that got thrown out the window, and low and behold we had a plant growing when one of my homies came over and told me i had something growing outside.

How was the plant in the end did you harvest it?

Aaron: Hell no, that shit had to be dug up and thrown away before my parents found out and would kick my ass.lol

How about smoking cannabis?

Aaron: Same age to be honest i would say 13, There was always one of my homies who could either get it at a young age, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t anything out of this world, more like some shwag or Piko weed that you would find back in the day.

Me and my friends would often ride our bikes to the local corner and purchase dime sacks and 20 bags from the guy on the corner.

Has Cannabis always sparked your interest from a young age?

Aaron: For sure, seeing friends grow weed sparked my interest, being able to grow your weed and make money from it and help support you and your friends. It was a no brainer for me.

Your first successful grow?

Aaron: Through all my trials and failures i managed to be able to get to a decent level with the help of one of my close friends where we managed to pull off a small garage grow. Im no quitter when i put my mind to it, i knew i had to do this and keep at it. Its like riding a bike, the more you fall off, the more you learn in the process.

How does it feel now to have so many grows under your arsenal?

Aaaron: I still get the same feeling and excitement with growing every time i step into a new project. With more legalization we are starting to see more companies and organizations needing our help and expertise, so being able to be acknowledged for your hard work is a blessing.

Selections are very important in our industry what is it that you enjoy about this process?

Aaron: Being able to play God and take two genetics and mix them together and hope that you find the best of both worlds in your new selection. Im not going to give away the Colonel Sanders DNA recipe, but first and foremost we have a game plan and look for those traits and aspects that you know and love to source.

Did anything happen by accident and give you that holy shit moment?

Aaron: At the start there was no game plan, i would be lying if i told you that Don and myself went in knowing what we were looking for. First and foremost we both just love and have a passion for Cannabis, we adore the smell and the effects different plants give off even the medicinal properties that it has. So most of our original selections were from our own initiative and what we both favoured in our selections.

We are very fortunate that everyone else agreed with our choices, and this was before testing and allowing scientific research to determine THC Values etc etc.

Do you think you killed off a bunch of Winners?

Aaron: Most Definitely, take CBD for example. The more we learn from science and testing has shown the medical benefits of CBD dominant strains. Back then we wasn’t looking for those particular traits, so im postive in thinking we must of thrown alot of things away.

What tools do you use for Pheno Hunting?

Aaron: Coffee Beans, Rubber Gloves and Spray to remove terpenes after each inspection.

What are the coffee beans used for?

Aaron: Smelling coffee beans between each plant, as compared to smelling unscented air, actually works. This allows us to make fair assessments from sample to sample and give the best inspection from our nose.

What would you advice for someone who is looking to make their own selections?

Aaron: Look for something that you personally want, keep it simple and don't overcomplicate it.

How does it feel when someone wins a cup with your genetics?

Aaron: Like a proud parent seeing their kid go into the pro leagues. It helps solidify our work and our selections. Now we start to see a lot of companies pop up using your own genetics and renaming them, this can be a gift and a curse.

With Legalization imminent around the world, how does that feel?

Aaron: Excellent, as it it gets more legal we are able to do our work in a legal and professional manner. The allows us to do more studies and experiments, we are learning ourselves first and foremost and then to have verification on our selections from our own initiative is a blessing.

Any last words to add?

Aaron: Yeah, we want to thank all those who help make DNA Genetics the powerhouse company we are today, from the Growers, Trimmers, Admin, Designers the whole enchilada, and of course the DNA Army. Without our loyal fan base we would not be here and we are forever grateful to be still here after 13 years in the business and we haven’t even begun yet. The rollercoaster is still climbing and we hope you are all strapped in for the ride with us. DNA Genetics forever, #PuffTuff


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